Warranty and post-warranty service

Since such complex systems and devices must be provided with proper support from the after-sales service, warranty and post-warranty service are the most important issues for each client. At the moment, personnel of our company is staffed with highly qualified specialists who provide a full range of monitoring system maintenance services. We have initiated the support for each customer and promptly respond to all questions arising during the acquisition, installation or operation of the system. We configure and test the functions of the program, carry out regular software updates, consult by telephone and systematically read email, paying special attention to emails from customers with requests, suggestions, questions. In the event of a disturbing situation that casts doubt on the correct operation of the system, we ask you to immediately contact our technical support service, our staff will provide the necessary assistance and return the system to working condition.

For faster response and decision making, we ask you to inform us in detail about the problem, the situation that led to it, its nature and system behaviour in work. At the end of the warranty period, all work related to error correction and equipment repair is performed according to the wage scale.