Personal control

Personal control - special purpose devices that allow you to take control of the work of employees, transport and any moving object on the road. The installation of such equipment is recommended to monitor the activities of staff, whose work mainly takes place outside the office. This applies to traders, sales and purchase managers, couriers or security guards, as well as controllers and drivers, maintenance crews and any other specialties in the field. Satellite personal control is not a way of tracking and not a tool for privacy interference. This device helps the entrepreneur to adjust and control the performance of their duties by employees, as well as setting the degree of responsibility of everyone who left the office “in business”. The main tasks of the tracker are: setting the location and route, fixing the duration of the path, time, duration, reporting on the activities of the employee at the facility throughout the entire working time, as well as information about the length of stay in the designated place of the employee, which gives an idea of the quality of the assignment. When installing such equipment, you can achieve the following: increasing work efficiency, reducing the cost of attracting additional labor to a particular sector, guaranteed effective implementation of tasks and, as a result, increased profits.