GPS/GLONASS transport monitoring

GPS / GLONASS Transport Monitoring System is a service that involves connecting a tracker that becomes a vehicle control tool. Such a device is a major component of the entire satellite monitoring system. With the help of the main GPS / GLONASS global positioning systems, the transport is monitored, which allows to obtain systematic and complete information about the vehicle.In particular, the location, stops and their duration, departures from work areas and the trajectory of the map.

Also, generate data into reports that can be exported to any convenient format and stored for periods to view and analyze the work performed in the dynamics.Transport control will solve such current and perennial problems with the fleet as inconsistencies in travel letters, departure on unauthorized flights and use of official transport to solve personal problems, preventing the registration of runs and vehicle downtime. The installation of such equipment on cars increases not only the efficiency of work and profit, but also significantly affects the responsibility and conscientious work of each driver.