​Business security

We are professionally responsible for preventing possible threats and offer the most effective solution to this issue - the installation of large integrated systems, which include a range of technical solutions, including:

  • fire alarm;
  • burglar alarm;
  • video surveillance.

We offer a full range of modern fire extinguishing and security systems that guarantee safety in the event of a sudden fire, in case of robbery or unauthorized entry into the building.

Our many years of experience allows us to install security and fire alarms of any level of complexity, including modern automated security systems.

We provide comprehensive security services in the following areas:

  • security of offices and business centers;
  • industrial facilities and manufacturing enterprises;
  • warehouses and warehouses;
  • construction sites and sites;
  • banks;
  • parking lots and parking lots;
  • beauty salons and fitness centers;
  • construction supermarkets;
  • bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs;
  • medical institutions and pharmacies;
  • hotels;
  • places of rest;
  • educational institutions;
  • Gas station;
  • theaters and cinemas.

A comprehensive security system for your business is, first of all, round-the-clock monitoring, remote control and prompt response. Comprehensive security systems allow you to solve several problems:

  • to ensure the preservation of material values
  • prevent emergencies
  • to protect people who are on the territory of the object, as well as to organize order on it

A comprehensive solution for the protection of facilities is a combination of physical and technical security systems, engineering and other optimization solutions.

When providing security services, we are guided by the wishes of the customer, as well as the characteristics of a particular object. Due to the serious selection and professionalism of employees, we provide services at a high level. This allows you to achieve maximum results with optimal financial costs.