​Dozor software updates

23-12-2021 04:36 pm

Key improvements in December:

  • In the table "Trackers" the information on the passed way and quantity of motor hours for control of necessity of carrying out MOT on vehicles with an output of the corresponding messages and illumination in the table "Trackers" is added.
  • In the additional information of the tracker on the tab "Vehicle" you can set the date from which you need to start counting the hours and distance traveled.
  • Default: Information for trackers where the count start date is not set is taken for the current day.
  • Added the ability to set priority for sensors in the system with the subsequent ability to filter in operational events and display vehicles on the map, respectively, the installed filter.
  • API for the exchange of information on sensors has been finalized.
  • Check with your manager for details on installing GPS monitoring and fuel control systems.