LLC AVTODOZOR is engaged in software development, sale and installation of specialized equipment for transport monitoring. The development team creates unique programs, which make it possible to carry out GPS/GLONASS control with branded devices, to see the real fuel consumption and its balance on cars, to track the route and time of arrival a designated locations. Over the long years of “AUTODOZOR's” work, among the company's customers you can find representatives of the construction, trading, agricultural, communal businesses, as well as owners of taxi fleets and transport organizations.

Advantages of products from “AUTODOZOR”:

  • remote monitoring of an unlimited number of vehicles through a computer and mobile devices;
  • high accuracy and speed of data transmission by using cellular and satellite networks;
  • automatic calculation of the treated area;
  • starting and closing orders for agricultural machinery;
  • guarantee on all types of devices;
  • certificate availability.

The main challenge for the developers of AUTODOZOR was to increase the level of safety of the fleet, and the ability to fully remote control equipment and fuel. This eliminates the possibility of fuel draining, its irrational waste, mileage etc.

In addition to commercial use, the devices are also suitable for protecting personal vehicles. By installing one of the types of systems in your car, you will always know about its location, regardless of how far the signal from the receiver is.

The following devices are available for selection:

  • DozoR Track - device for monitoring fuel consumption by freight transport (works via GPS);
  • DozoR Security - alarm systems for cars and trucks (works via GPS);
  • DozoR Mobile - mobile control application;
  • DozoR Fuel Control — device for controlling fuel consumption and fuel balance on any type of transport.

In addition, you can order trailing device tags and driver identifiers.

Our managers will help you to choose a unique solution for monitoring vehicles, which will include individual devices or a set of systems.

The company provides a full range of services after installation, as well as consulting support for customers.