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GPS monitoring and governance of official vehicles is a company management tool that is focused on making a profit and continuous development. In Europe, the use of such systems has long proved the real effectiveness and benefit of using a tool to optimize business processes. Given the availability and ease of installation of the program, the costs of implementation and activation, as well as management training, are paid off pretty quickly.

Dozor GPS is not just a GPS tracker, it is a comprehensive solution for car safety and GPS monitoring


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“Avtodozor” company is engaged in the development, creation and implementation of software for the protection and monitoring of vehicles. The turnkey solutions can be used both for a personal car and for commercial vehicles.

The Company's products resolve several challenges at once:

  •  excessive fuel consumption, its discharge by dishonest personnel. 

  • auto theft and further determination of its location.

  • lack of control over commercial vehicles during its operation.

“Autodozor” development team implements the latest GPS monitoring and fuel control technologies in its own software package. You have an option to choose any vehicle equipment or benefit from comprehensive offer to equip the machines of your company with suitable devices:

  1. BITREK -  vehicle speed, mileage and location control device. 

  2.   DUT-E - fuel level sensors

  3. DFM - fuel consumption sensors.

  4. Optional equipment (driver identification devices, Trailer ID, trailer identifier).

It’s reasonable to use Avtodozor company’s devices both in agriculture and in transport, construction and trading companies.  

The affordable cost of branded equipment and the simple maintenance of installed systems allow you to recoup your investment in security after several weeks of operation.

Over the years, the company has received many positive reviews from owners of enterprises and companies of various types of activity, as well as from ordinary drivers. 

Depending on the need, it is possible to fully establish control over the transport (cars, trucks or specialized technical equipment). 

Therefore, you will remotely monitor the location, fuel consumption and other indicators of installed units through mobile or computer devices.

Avtozodor company provides a full range of services, from the selection and sale of devices to their maintenance and enrichment.

Developments are certified in the CIS. Thus, the software works with GPS and GLONASS systems. 

Using the original and unique products of our company, you will save your budget and get detailed control over the vehicle fleet.

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